The Toddler room at Sunshine Nursery Kirkcaldy is situated on the ground floor. It is registered for up to 10 children per day and the staff to child ratio is 1:3. The room has been organised to encourage inquisitive little minds to access resources and exercise freedom of choice about the activities they wish to participate in.

Stimulating conversation, interactive play and learning to socialise, share and make friends is all part of the day in our toddler room.

The Toddler room is divided into two areas. One of which is carpeted to make the area comfortable and cosy with small areas where your child can relax and enjoy quiet time or perhaps a good book. The other area we like to call our messy area is where your child will be given the opportunity to, as you can tell by the name get messy!

At this stage of development we appreciate that our little ones are full of energy so we make good use of outdoor area and use it at least twice a day.